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10 benefits of living in eco-friendly homes in Ravet 

10 benefits of living in eco-friendly homes in Ravet

On 11th January 2022, By Admin

The green building concept in India gained popularity in recent years because these are designed to promote the use of environmental-friendly construction materials and efficient use of energy and water. Urban Space Creators, a reputed brand in the real estate sector of PCMC, Pune, is developing projects that promote energy conservation and efficient use of energy and encourage the use of renewable resources and waste recycling. Urban Skyline Phase 2 is the landmark project in Ravet that addresses the national priorities, i.e., sustainable lifestyle and green living.

Urban Skyline phase 2 in Ravet

Urban Skyline Phase 2 is spread across 5 acres of land near the Mumbai- Pune Expressway. Strategically located in Ravet, this project is well-connected to key Pune and Hinjewadi IT park locations. The property is equipped with amenities that cater to luxury and, at the same time, address the issues of conserving energy.

Benefits of living in Urban Skyline Phase 2 

  • Homes are designed in a way to conserve water and energy. The rainwater harvesting system in the building saves every drop of water for reuse. Water from the kitchen and bathroom is recycled and used for the flush tank. Motion-sensor light in corridors and common areas saves electric bills. 
  • Solid waste management in Urban Skyline phase 2 ensures the segregation of solid waste to prevent it from ending up in landfills and polluting the environment. 
  • Urban Skyline Phase 2 is designed to bring fresh air and natural light to every nook and corner. Huge balconies and windows welcome fresh air and natural light. 
  • Landscape gardens and plantations improve the air quality. Also, each apartment is provided with air purifiers to improve the quality of air indoors as well. 
  • An efficient lighting system and solar power to light up LED lamps in common areas and corridors help save money on electric bills.
  • Residents in Urban Skyline phase 2 can expect to save 50 % water and 30% power every month.
  • The availability of huge open spaces and lush green ensures good air quality outdoors.
  • By living in this luxury green project, you can reduce the maintenance cost by 12%!
  • Because of the higher demand for sustainable living, you can expect a higher asset value of around 7-8%.
  • Another benefit of owning a green space is a higher rental yield. About a 5%- 12% hike in rental yield compared to conventional homes.
Urban Skyline phase 2 Ravet Pune - Tallest Tower
Urban Skyline phase 2, where safety is the priority.
Luxurious 3 BHK flats for sale in Ravet

If you want to lead a lifestyle that encourages healthy living in urban landscapes, explore Urban Skyline phase 2. The project is doing its bit to save the environment. Be part of a lifestyle to conserve nature and live a luxurious and healthy lifestyle. If you are searching 3 BHK flat for sale in Ravet, visit Urban Skyline Phase 2 near the Mumbai-Pune expressway. These luxurious apartments for sale in Ravet offer easy access to various amenities and attractions, including restaurants, shopping centers, schools, and entertainment venues.