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6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas - Urban Space Creators - Blog

6 Affordable Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Are you thinking of giving an eco-friendly touch to your existing space and exploring decorating ideas without harming the environment? Don’t fret anymore. With a bit of imagination, you can make a green paradise out of green materials at home.  Contrary to popular beliefs, environmentally-friendly home decor ideas are not expensive. Eco-friendly home decorating ideas are not only innovative, elegant, and chic but also affordable. Let’s have a look at six exciting ideas for environment-friendly decor.

Indoor Plants:  Bring a few plants inside to make your home green. It’s a great way to brighten up the dull corner of your room with indoor plants. Green plants not only enhance the appeal of the room but also increase oxygen and purify your home.

Non-Toxic wall paints: Pick up paints and finishes that are low on or zero-level volatile organic compounds(VOCs). Paints with high VOCs are harmful because these paints emit toxic gases, which are detrimental to the environment and us. Also, these paints with high VOCs are known to promote the accumulation of allergens. 

Pick stuff made of sustainable materials: When it comes to furniture, choose rattan, bamboo, or sustainable wood, and for home decor, opt for hemp for sheets, recycled polyester curtains, or organic cotton bedding. For flooring, choose materials like bamboo, cork, or linoleum. Work with brands or dealers that promote sustainable raw materials. 

Repurposed furniture and decor item: If you want to lend a fresh look to your home without redoing it in its entirety, then check out auction websites. These are good places to find home decor items and repurposed furniture. It will not only save you money but also help you to make eco-friendly choices. Of course, you can redo your old furniture as well! For example, repaint your wooden table or reupholster your chair to match your home decor. 

Invest in timeless designs: Home decor styles and trends change quite frequently. Once trending designs can go out of trend next year, if you want to make your home decor trendy at all times, then go for timeless designs that never go out of style.  

 Conclusion: Making straightforward and mindful choices while decorating homes can make a difference. To make a sustainable home, look for eco-friendly alternatives in most unlikely places. By choosing local artists over designers, you can contribute in your way to reduce carbon footprints. With every bit of effort, you can bring a significant change.