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An ultimate guide to the property registration process

A quick guide to the property registration process

Owning a home is a dream for us. Building our own equity is a matter of pride. Ownership rights give us freedom from rent as well as tax benefits. Homeownership creates a sense of belonging to the community. We feel attached to the city and its people. We get more involved in the local cause and control the immediate surroundings. So, we need to know every detail of the legal process involving purchasing a property. One such process is the registration process.

Steps involved in the registration process 

Title verification of the property 

The documentation process is different for the new buy or the second-hand buy of the property. For a new buy of the property, then the onus lies on you to do the verification of the title and if it is a second-hand property, then acquire the document from the owner of the property.

Value estimation of the property: For paying the stamp duty, estimating the property’s value is crucial. Calculation  of the stamp duty depends on the property’s price or the area’s circle rate. 

Stamp duty papers: You must purchase non-judicial stamp papers from licensed stamp vendors, or you can acquire e -stamp paper. 

Sale deed: Get the sale deed ready with the help of an authorized attorney. The subject of the sale deed is based on the nature of the transactions.

Payment of stamp duty and registration fees: Once the sale deed is ready, stamp duty is paid through stamp duty collectors, and the registration charges are paid during the registration process of the property.

Appointment with the sub-registrar – For the registration of the property, get an appointment with the sub-registrar. For the process, you must carry the 2 photocopies of the sale deed, the original, and two witnesses.

Document submission: Submit the documents that include NOC, ID and Address proof, DD, or the cash payment of the stamp duty.

Follow these steps to make your home-buying process smooth and hassle-free. Urban Space Creators, a renowned brand in the real estate sector of PCMC, Pune, introduced a landmark project, Urban Skyline Phase 2, in Ravet. The property is located near the Mumbai-Pune expressway. 

Urban Skyline Phase 2 

This iconic property is 450 feet in height. It has one tower with 40 floors. Urban Skyline Phase 2, one of the best luxury projects in Ravet, offers apartments of various configurations. It provides 2-6 BHK apartments and commercial spaces. Loaded with thoughtful and luxury amenities, Urban Skyline Phase 2 is located in a neighborhood close to Talegaon MIDC and CMC industrial zone. Also, it is 70 minutes away from Navi Mumbai via expressway. 

Amenities in Urban Skyline phase 2

The project has something unique to offer for good community living. From rooftop amenities to podium amenities, the project provides amenities catering to the comfort of its residents. Medical facilities, security features, open space, and availability make it a unique gated community in the heart of Ravet. 

Looking for a dream home for your loved ones? Check out Urban Skyline phase 2 in Ravet to get your perfect dream home.