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Budget or luxury property: which is a better investment?

Budget or luxury property: which is a better investment - Urban Space Creators - Blog

On 15th Feb 2022, By Admin

Do you want to enrich your asset portfolio and move up on the social status ladder? Before investing in real estate, evaluate the options and understand investing  tasting the fruits of success. But, first, let’s find out the difference between luxury and budget property.

Luxury property :  A luxury property is that dream abode filled with world-class amenities and features, conveniences, comforts, and more. A luxury property must fulfill the criteria of prime location, modern amenities and have the most accessible access to top-brass service providers like schools, hospitals, airports, railway stations, and bus transits. In addition, a luxury property must provide top security to its residents. In short, luxury property spells luxury in every possible way to the housing needs of the Creme de la creme of the society.  

Budget property:  A budget property comes with affordable price tags and is predominantly owned by middle-income groups who can qualify and opt for home loans too. These properties are not in a prime location as per definition but are located in a promising location that will witness infrastructural development in the coming years. Both amenities and security are decent and enjoy connectivity with basic services. 

Which is a better investment; budget or luxury property?

If money is not the constraint, then luxury properties in the city’s heart will be a good investment choice. The property’s prime location will give you the kick that you look for in your property. In addition, budget properties are advantageous for those who have just moved into the city as a part of their career journey. A budget property gives one the benefit of tax and a great return on a time scale of 10-25 years. 

Luxury and budget properties can be profitable in India if you undertake a local all-inclusive market analysis. Before embarking on a real estate investment research on the dynamics that drive return on investment which differs on a market-to-market basis. Evaluate the nature of the investment, like budget properties are appealing for small-time investors. However, well-heeled property investors also look for budget properties to invest in bulk to capitalize on their high demand. But well-heeled investors are more attracted to high-end luxury projects in prime locations because they have first-class amenities, top-end security systems, gym facilities, shopping complexes, and many more. 

Urban Space Creators, one of the leading developers in PCMC, Pune, is developing a premium luxury project inspired by the elements of nature. The Urban Skyline Phase 2 is one of the tallest residential buildings in Pune, housing 40 floors. Standing tall at 450 ft height, the project gives the mesmerizing 360 decree view of the city skyline. It features top-class amenities at every height. This luxury property in Ravet features best-in-class amenities and comforts, which buyers seek in luxury properties. Urban Skyline phase 2 is an architectural masterpiece redefining the comfort aspiration.