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Designs that make a lasting impression on homebuyers

Designs that make a lasting impression on homebuyers - Urban Skyline - Blog

On 16th May 2022, By Admin

Studies have shown homebuyers make up their mind within a few seconds of viewing a property. Apart from the budget and location of the property, the functionality of the design is the factor that makes a property a desirable one. For example, a project quickly turns the attention of the homebuyers if it offers ample open space outside, well-ventilated and airy rooms, and optimized space and bigger carpet areas. Here are the factors listed that every first-time home buyer should consider before buying a new home.

  • Eco-friendly features

Nowadays, homebuyers prefer their home to be sustainable and feature eco-friendly capabilities. Their house must ensure efficient use of water and energy. For example, a rainwater harvesting system on the property or solar power helps save the electricity bill and reduces the pollution in the environment. A green building ensures better health as they avoid using plastic by-products.

  • Open spaces

A residential property that offers a lot of open spaces attracts home buyers. An open space in the property allows its residents to lead an active lifestyle where they can mingle with their neighbors or simply spend the cool mornings and breezy evenings in the lap of nature. 

  • Bigger carpet area

The carpet area is the actual usable area a home buyer gets within the four walls of the flat. When the carpet area is significant, then comfort is bigger. 

Open plan kitchen designs

Open-plan kitchens give a sense of spaciousness. A flat with an open kitchen plan attracts buyers because they get that extra space where they can set a kitchen island or install a separate sink to create more distinctions in the area.

  • Extra space for home offices

Post-pandemic home buyers want spacious homes where they enjoy the privilege of extra space to set home offices for work-life balance. Buyers, especially millennials, search for homes where they get the extra space for office work, send emails, finish projects, and then shut the door when work is done. 

Urban Space Creators, a leading developer in PCMC, Pune, has launched Urban Skyline Phase 2 in Ravet, which is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of millennial buyers. The project promises ample open spaces, wetland gardens, and bigger carpet area homes. Its 2,3,4,5 and 6 BHKs are equipped with thoughtful amenities to ensure a luxurious lifestyle. The project offers both residential and commercial spaces and seamless connectivity to the key areas of Pune city. As this project is close to Mumbai- Pune expressway, it also has excellent connectivity to Mumbai city, a thriving economic hub of India. 

If you are looking for 5 BHK in Ravet  check out Urban Skyline phase 2, an iconic identifier of Pune standing tall at 450 ft height overlooking the uninterrupted view of the city skyline. 

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