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Easy Vastu tips for your house to follow

Easy Vastu tips for your house to follow - Urban Skyline - Blog

On 1 Feb 2022, By Admin

A home is the most prized possession and the most comfortable place on the earth! We prefer Vastu- compliant homes that give us positive vibes and ensure good health for our loved ones. A Vastu-compliant home attracts positive energies and wards off evil energies. For instance, a home with an east, north, and northeast facing entrance emits positive energy. They promote internal peace and calm and promote cooperative relationships among dwellers.   Here are 5 easy ways to follow Vastu tips for your house.

1. Soothing colors for bedrooms

The bedroom walls painted with soothing colors, soft furnishing, and a couple of happy pictures help to strengthen the relationship between the couple.

2. Avoid thorny plants

Avoid thorny plants like cactus and shrubs inside the house. Thorny plants attract negative energies. Instead of decorating the room with artificial flowers or plants, decorate it with real flowers. Use doorbells that have soothing, pleasant rings.

3. Avoid sharp edges

Before buying a flat, check out the corners of the walls of the flats, which should not have open edges. Sharp edges attract negative energy. Instead, keep furniture that has round edges.

4. Declutter your home

Dispose of things that are not used for years or won’t be used in the near future. Decluttering the house brings in positive energy and prevents confusion and arguments in the family.

5. Few more Vastu tips for living room

A- keep electronic gadgets like a television unit or home theatre in the east wall or southeastern corner of the room.

B-  Place furniture facing north or northwest direction.

C- Decorate  the living room walls with nature, birds, or light-colored abstract art pictures.

D- Opt for white, cream, and green walls instead of darker hues.

E- Avoid oval or circular furniture because they exude negative energy.

6. Vastu tips for bedroom

A- Place the bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom for success and good health.

B- Never place a mirror in front of the bed.

C- Use sweet-smelling flowers and aromatic oil lamps in the bedroom to calm your mind after a hard day‘s work.

D- Stick to light color paints in your bedroom to bring positive vibes.

7. Vastu tips for puja room

If you are spiritually inclined, adhere to Vastu guidelines while offering prayers. Place your idols in the northeast direction. You can place idols either in the north or east order if the northeast direction is unavailable. 


Vastu-compliant homes bring a conducive environment. It evokes five elements and provides a cleaner and clutter-free living space that enhance mental skills to a large extent. In a Vastu-compliant home, people feel energetic and alert throughout the day. In recent years, many builders have been launching Vastu compliant residential projects to augment the goodness of Vastu shastra. Urban Space Creators, one of the leading builders in PCMC, Pune launched Urban Skyline Phase 2, where the homes are Vastu compliant. Urban Skyline phase 2 offers 1,2,3,4,5, and 6bhk homes. In addition, its Vastu -compliant 4 bedroom homes in Ravet for sale are available. Explore the project located in Ravet and harness the goodness of positive vibes and energies in homes where positive energy flows smoothly. The project is a new launch; avail yourself of the privilege of choosing a home of your choice.