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Garden Inspiration – How to Create a Vertical Garden on a Balcony 

Garden inspiration - How to create a vertical garden on a balcony

On 10th February 2022, By Admin

A vertical garden is a way to grow plants in a vertical configuration, often on a wall or other surface that is not horizontal. This can be a space-saving idea for the urban environment. Also, vertical gardens are visually appealing. They can be created using various methods like hydroponics, soil-based systems, or felt pockets. You can make it simple by hanging a few pots on the wall or complex with a multi-tiered structure with automatic irrigation and lighting. All you need to start your vertical garden is access to ample sunlight and vertical space to hang planters.

A step-by-step guide to creating an aesthetically appealing vertical garden on your balcony

You have to choose the sunny wall, i.e., that part of the wall with direct sunlight access.

The support system should be strong enough to carry the weight of the overall setup.

The support wall should withstand moisture. 

Types of vertical garden plants for the balcony

Annual Vines – These climbers do not exert pressure on the support system. Cardinal climber, Susan Vine, moonflower, and Scarlet runner bean are climbers that grow best in ample sunlight.

Perennial vines

 These can be grown quickly under ample sunlight. Clematis Hybrids, Ivy, and American Bittersweet are some of the perennial vines that are best for vertical garden plants.

Edible Plants

Kiwi and Siberian Gooseberries, and edible flowers, adapt well to vertical gardening. Likewise, vegetables like peas, tomatoes, and squash can be grown without hassle.

Columnar Plants 

Plant columnar apple trees, Junipers, and Lombardy poplars that can grow without a supporting system.

How to take care of a vertical garden?

  1. Keep a tab on the water requirements of the plants. Excess water should be collected in the collecting tray at the base, which can be reused or drained off.
  2. Adequate sunlight should be provided for the plants. But the requirement for sunlight varies from plant to plant. Some may burn in direct sunlight, whereas some need shades at the roots.
  3. Quality topsoil should be used. Use slow-releasing fertilizers for the top layer.
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Design ideas for vertical gardening

Pallet vertical gardens are the most popular DIY options today. However, pallets should be free of chemicals.

Planter pots 

Planter pots are another option for making a beautiful vertical garden.

Vertical gardens add green space to urban areas where traditional gardening is impossible. It helps to cool the surrounding air and enhance the aesthetic value. Also, provide a habitat for various birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. 

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