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Green Homes In Ravet, The Future Of Sustainable Lifestyle

Green homes in Ravet, The future of sustainable lifestyle

On 05th January 2022, By Admin

Green homes are designed o offer maximum comfort while minimizing the use of no -renewable resources. As a result, energy consumption in green buildings is about 30-40 % less than in conventionally constructed homes. Urban Space Creators, a reputed builder in the real estate industry in PCMC, Pune, has unveiled a landmark green project in Ravet, Pune, by introducing a new concept for the contemporary world. Urban Skyline phase 2, the tallest residential tower in Pune, deployed green and eco-friendly aspects in the construction method and integrated green amenities to reduce the carbon footprint.

How green lifestyle is contributing towards clean and sustainable living?

The energy demand for green buildings is minimum than for conventional homes as there is optimum utilization of solar-powered appliances, good use of natural light, and less use of toxic paints. 

Green buildings adopt water and energy-efficient features like solar power and rainwater harvesting system. Urban Skyline Phase 2 adopted solar power and rainwater harvesting features and equipped the building with motion-activated sensors, energy-saving LED bulbs, and low-flow bathroom appliances. 

Superior material efficiency, reduced energy bills, and property value appreciation offer excellent ROIs for both homebuyers and developers.

Why are green buildings becoming popular in India?

Rapid urbanization and the growing population put our country at the threshold of commercial and residential; boom. Around 26% of India’s total energy consumption is by buildings. Also, huge solid waste generated during the construction and operation stages is poised to increase greenhouse gas emissions. To address the growing pollution and sustainability concerns, real estate builders like Urban Space Creators are adopting the concept of ‘Green Building”. 

About Urban Space Creators 

Urban Space Creators started its journey in 2005 with a mission to offer sustainable homes synonymous with premium quality. Urban Space Creators’ projects are imbibed in best environmental practices and construction methods. Their latest venture, Urban Skyline phase 2, offers a lifestyle that is less on energy consumption, waste generation, and ecological impact. 

What is in store for home buyers concerning Urban Skyline Phase 2?

  • Enhance resident’s health and comfort
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • Improved air quality and water quality
  • Extensive energy saving

If you are looking for luxurious apartments for sale in Ravet, check out Urban Skyline phase 2. Nestled in the green and picturesque landscape of Ravet, this landmark project promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle near Mumbai- Pune expressway. The iconic project of Pune features eco-friendly amenities that are designed to minimize their impact on the environment. Also, they help to save money in the long run as they help in minimizing energy bills. In addition, these high-end apartments for sale in Ravet are equipped with amenities such as green spaces and access to nature, which in turn help in improving mental health and overall well-being. If you are looking for a 5 BHK apartment for sale in Ravet, explore this green project in Ravet, Pune.