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Smart ways to maximize every room of your home

Smart ways to maximize every room of your home

Living in a small apartment and fitting everything in it is tough. Fitting everything and making the house look beautiful is even tougher. In the past few years, the average sizes of the apartments are getting smaller and smaller. The conventional wisdom of having “ bigger is better” is changing due to liquidity crunch, changing buyer‘s preferences, and growing concerns about affordability. Preferences can’t be changed, liquidity crunch might stay but designing a small home to make it feel much larger is in our hands. And you can start it from the very entryway.

Enigmatic Entryway:  Entryway is the first area of our home that welcomes guests. This space can be maximized by placing a sitting area to remove shoes. If you think placing a bench would occupy the floor place then try out wall-mounted hooks or open shelves. You can place a large mirror on the wall to reflect the rest of the room.

Streamlined kitchen: One of the busiest rooms of the house, the kitchen is where warm meals are cooked. You can make it more functional and spacious by placing vertical storage. For storing dry goods and food storage containers use drawer organizers. You can free up space below your counters by installing overhead pot and pan storage.

Wow-worthy bathrooms: Based on users, maximize the space of the bathroom. For example, if kids are using the bathroom then place shelves and drawers under the sink or behind the door. You can keep small electrical beauty appliances in the drawers. For storing make-up kits, combs, and brushes even accessories like belts and scarves, a shoe organizer would be the best option.

Well when talking about space scarcity and cramped spaces in metros and big cities, then it is worth mentioning that some builders and developers are coming up with projects and residential complexes comprising spacious homes.

If you are in Pune and struggling to live in small spaces or contemplating buying a new home, some good projects are coming up here. If you are looking for spacious properties in Ravet, Pune then you are at the right place. Urban Space Creators, a reputed builder in the PCMC area has launched Urban Skyline in Ravet. 2BHK flats in Urban Skyline are not only spacious but also have amenities that cater to children as well as elders. Right from safety-based features to unique amenities like emergency medical help, the project has it all. Well-ventilated homes create healthy and inviting living spaces.

Urban Space Creators

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