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Urban Skyline phase 2, Where safety is the priority.

Urban Skyline phase 2, where safety is the priority.

On 21th June 2022, By Admin

Over the years, the concept of luxury homes evolved exponentially in Pune. The concept of the smart home came along with layered security features. Realtors and developers facilitated the growth of luxury homes with smart security features. Urban Space Creators has always been ahead of the curve for luxury homes. The group launched Urban Skyline and Urban Skyline phase 2 in Ravet, which focuses on modern amenities and security features that tackle the biggest concern, i.e., security. These smart security features make the security easier for residents and visitors to access the building and create a seamless experience while providing a sense of safety to its residents.

  • CCTV Monitoring 

CCTVs have been installed in the common areas to throw crimes. In addition, the presence of surveillance cameras at every nook and corner deter thieves and strangers and monitor suspicious activities by recording evidence about the entry and exit time of the people.  

  • Video door phone with big display

Each flat has a video door phone with a display monitor installed so that occupants can get a picture of the guests immediately. They can figure out who is standing on the other side of the doorway before opening it.

  • Mobile verification system for visitors

A contactless visitor management system on the property premises enhances the security, visibility, and ability to serve visitors efficiently. Scanning a QR code or entering a PIN on the smartphone assures the guests have a warm welcome even in the absence of a smiling host. 

  • Access card entry in all common areas 

Users don’t have to insert a metal or a standard key into the tumbler lock with access card entries to gain access. Instead, there is an embedded access credential on the keycard master stripe, which the keycard reader reads. 

  • Safety signs wherever required

Safety signs on the premises of Urban Skyline 1 and in phase 2 alert the residents and visitors of health and safety issues. Emergency equipment like fire fighting equipment is installed with proper signs to be accessed in case of emergencies. 

Urban Skyline Phase 2, the tallest residential project in Pune, is not equipped with world-class amenities but also offers easy access to daily essentials and necessities like schools, colleges, and hospitals. Strategically located near Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Urban Skyline is connected to recreational amenities like Sentosa resort and job hubs like Hinjewadi IT park. The property offers 2-6 BHK configurations homes with bigger carpet areas. If you are looking for a luxury 3 flat in Ravet that offers good security amenities, visit Urban Skyline phase 2 in Ravet.