In the vibrant landscape of Ravet, Urban Skyline Phase 2 stands tall as a testament to luxury living. Developed by Urban Space Creators, known for their two-decades-long commitment to excellence in PCMC, this residential project offers an abundance of 70+ amenities, including the coveted 4 BHK flats in Ravet.
Unveiling Urban Skyline Phase 2:
Urban Skyline Phase 2 in Ravet, a green haven in Ravet, proudly boasts the distinction of being one of the tallest residential projects in the area. The Urban Space Creators, with their 20-year legacy, have crafted this masterpiece with meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to quality.
Diverse Living Spaces:
Catering to varied needs, Urban Skyline Phase 2 presents various living options – 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 BHK homes. It is not just a residence; it’s the epitome of modern living.
Security Measures:
In the heart of this opulent haven lies a comprehensive security system, prioritizing the safety of its residents. The 4-layer security protocol includes cutting-edge fire safety features like fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, firefighting water sprinklers, CCTV monitoring, video door phones, visitor mobile verification, and access card entry to common areas.
The Essence of Security:
Security is not just a feature; it’s a necessity in today’s world. Gated communities provide a haven where homebuyers seek safety and a secure environment for their loved ones. At Urban Skyline Phase 2, security is not just a measure; it’s a promise.
Why Security Matters:
Security serves as the bedrock for a tranquil living experience. It goes beyond mere protection; it’s the assurance of privacy, granting residents the freedom to shape their lives on their own terms. Within the secure confines of a well-guarded community like Urban Skyline Phase 2, privacy becomes more than a feature – it evolves into a way of life.
This sense of privacy nurtures healthy relationships and creates a haven for personal space, where moments of tranquility and mental peace unfold effortlessly. In a world bustling with external pressures, Urban Skyline Phase 2 stands as a fortress, offering a retreat where residents can truly be themselves, unburdened by the outside world.
As we navigate the complexities of daily life, the security woven into the fabric of Urban Skyline Phase 2 becomes the silent guardian, ensuring not just physical safety but also a sanctuary for the soul. It’s more than security; it’s the promise of a lifestyle where every resident can find solace and build lasting memories in the comforting embrace of their secure, serene home.
 firefighting water sprinklers at Urban Skyline Phase 2 CCTV monitoring at Urban Skyline Phase 2
In Conclusion:
Urban Skyline Phase 2 in Ravet is not just a residential project; it’s a sanctuary of security and serenity. As we unlock the doors to our dream homes, let’s embrace the peace of mind that comes with living in a community that values security as much as we do. It’s not just a home; it’s Urban Skyline Phase 2 – where security meets luxury in the heart of Ravet.


Q. What is the price of 4 BHK in Urban Skyline Phase 2, Pune?

The price of a 4 BHK in Urban Skyline Phase 2 varies based on the carpet area:

For a carpet area of 1550 sq ft, the price is ₹16,933,757.

For a carpet area of 1582 sq ft, the price is ₹17,261,029.

For a carpet area of 1644 sq ft, the price is ₹17,895,120.

Q. What security measures are in place within the community?

Urban Skyline Phase 2 ensures a secure environment with a comprehensive set of measures, including a 4-layer security system, dedicated security for vehicles, card access to common areas, video door phones with displays for flats, fire-fighting features, CCTV surveillance, and 24-hour monitoring. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Q. Are pets allowed in Urban Skyline Phase 2?

Yes, Urban Skyline Phase 2 is a pet-friendly community.